NPR"Few fingerstyle guitarists have made the transition to singer-songwriter mode as gracefully as Sam Moss." (Lars Gotrich)

PASTE“This fingerpicking guitar virtuoso characterizes the folk spirit in its finest sense.” (Chris Leo Palermino)

GOLDFLAKEPAINT: "Delicately detailed...intricate and endearing" (Tom Johnson)

DOOM & GLOOM"With a spare sound centered around Moss’ uniquely bewitching vocals (shades of Will Oldham at times) and fingerpicked guitar, Fable’s eight tracks are all expertly rendered folk rock gems." (Tyler Wilcox)

WXPN: "An easy-flowing, so-wonderful-to-listen-to collection of unweighted folk-rock." (Fred Knittel)

SMALL ALBUMS: "A single, slowly burning star gently sending sparks into the tall gap of space above it."

DUSTED: "The main thing, though, is Moss himself, with his sunny cascades of folk picking, his lonesome whistle of a voice; he sounds like he’s singing in a minor key even when he isn’t." (Jennifer Kelly)

INDY WEEK“A rarity in the instrumental fingerpicking guitar scene, as his graceful, lilting singing seems just as natural and easy as his accomplished six-string work." (Grayson Haver Currin)

FADER“You could do a whole lot worse than spend an entire day (or week or month) on his Bandcamp page.” (Sam Hockley-Smith)

NO DEPRESSION“Eerie and beautiful songwriting, ghostly banjo and guitar, Appalachian roots, and deeply softly enchantingly beautiful vocals.” (Devon Leger)